Case Study
We partnered with a leading mobile network equipment OEM to optimize their Radio/Access Network. Our focus was on integrating and commissioning 4G base stations. We handled RF Analysis, Drive Tests, Post Processing, and RF KPI Management, coordinating closely with the Network Operations Center. This resulted in reduced operational risks and improved responsiveness, productivity, and operational efficiency.
Project Overview

In a strategic partnership, Indovision teamed up with a distinguished Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in Mobile Network equipment, Software, and Endpoints. This collaboration focused on enhancing the integration and commissioning processes of Base Stations. The primary objectives were to minimize operational risks, scale up operations efficiently, and boost responsiveness and productivity in Radio Frequency (RF) and Radio Access Network (RAN) services.

Training Scope

  1. The imperative for seamless Base Station integration and commissioning.
  2. A demand for robust RF/RAN rollout and optimization services to elevate network performance.
  3. The necessity to reduce operational risks while scaling operations.
  4. The ambition to enhance responsiveness and productivity in the telecommunications realm.

Indovision's Solution

Expert Team Formation

We formed a team of diverse specialists, including RF/RAN engineers, LTE rollout experts, Automation/NOC engineers, RAN leads, and ITIL certified Change Managers.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Our services encompassed RF Analysis, Drive Tests, Post Processing, and RF KPI Management, ensuring a comprehensive network optimization strategy.

Effective Coordination with NOC

We ensured close coordination with the Network Operations Center for process validation and testing, achieving seamless integration and enhanced operational efficiency.

ITIL Process Implementation

We integrated ITIL processes in Configuration and Change Management, setting up structured, standardized practices for superior control.

Development of SOP/MOPs and Playbooks

We created Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Methods of Procedures (MOPs), and Playbooks for RF Rollout & Optimization Testing & Handover, guaranteeing systematic execution.

Continuous Process Evolution

By continuously incorporating insights from field experiences and feedback, we enhanced our processes for greater adaptability and efficiency.

Diverse Service Delivery

Our service spectrum included installation & commissioning of 4G base stations, Microwave, IP Access terminals at cell sites, network integration, bespoke solutions, and RF Optimization.

Technical support

Key Responsibilities and Successes


This collaboration led to the successful installation and commissioning of 4G base stations, Microwave, IP Access terminals, and more. Our ongoing process refinement, informed by practical insights and field feedback, significantly boosted operational efficiency and minimized risks.

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Indovision's exceptional expertise and dedication to continuous improvement greatly enhanced our network operations, surpassing our expectations in RF rollout and optimization.