Case Study

Comprehensive AMC services to a leading IT OEM

At Indovision, we provided AMC services for out-of-warranty items, established a Repair Center in Mumbai, introduced Reverse Logistics, and implemented a real-time monitoring dashboard. This significantly enhanced operational efficiency.
Project Overview

Indovision collaborated with a large government-run Courier and Logistic company facing challenges with a 12K+ endpoint install base across India. The project aimed to address large-scale fault rates and associated RMA issues affecting operations.

Client Challenges

  • Large-scale fault rate causing increased RMA issues.
  • Difficulty in efficiently collecting faulty equipment from various sites.

Solution Provided by Indovision

  • Implemented AMC services for out-of-warranty equipment with stocked spare parts.
  • Established a Repair Center in Mumbai capable of handling 40-50% of faulty equipment.
  • Introduced last-mile Reverse Logistics services on a pan-India basis.
  • Appointed a dedicated project manager for streamlined operations.
  • Implemented a comprehensive dashboard for real-time monitoring.

Key Responsibilities

RMA Resolution with AMC Services

Indovision's role in mitigating RMA issues through the introduction of AMC services.

Efficient Fault Resolution at Repair Center

Indovision's initiative in establishing and managing the Repair Center to address faulty equipment.

Nationwide Reverse Logistics Management

Indovision's responsibility for last-mile reverse logistics across India.

Dedicated Project Management for Seamless Coordination

The crucial role of a dedicated project manager in overseeing and coordinating the entire process.

Real-time Monitoring with Comprehensive Dashboard

Indovision's use of a full dashboard for real-time monitoring, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Govt. Services

Key Success Factors​

Enhancing Reliability: AMC and Spare Parts Success

Implementation of AMC services and strategic spare parts stocking. Resulted in a reduction of Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) issues.

Mumbai Repair Center: Resolving Equipment Issues Effectively

Establishment of a Repair Center in Mumbai. Successfully addressed a substantial percentage of faulty equipment.

Streamlining Reverse Logistics: Nationwide Efficiency with Dedicated Management

Introduction of last-mile Reverse Logistics services. Managed by a dedicated project manager for efficient nationwide pick-ups.

Elevating Operations: The Impact of a Comprehensive Dashboard

Implementation of a comprehensive dashboard. Significantly improved operational visibility and overall effectiveness.


The training initiative empowered the Indian Defence Forces with advanced knowledge and skills in the specified technologies. Personnel gained proficiency in the use and management of critical systems, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and strategic capabilities.

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Indovision's expertise transformed our RMA challenges into operational excellence. Their dedication and solutions exceeded our expectations, ensuring a reliable logistics system.