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Discover unparalleled managed services with Indovision Services. Specializing in custom solutions, we bring efficiency and innovation to your business operations. Partner with us for exceptional service and results.

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Empowering Your ICT Infrastructure with Expert ICT Management

In the dynamic world of ICT, staying ahead of the technology curve is paramount. At Indovision Services, we offer Managed Services specially crafted for Telecom and Service Providers, ensuring that your network, core infrastructure, and services remain at the cutting edge.

Comprehensive Telecom Expertise

From GSM (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) to IP RAN/Backhaul & Core, and from VoLTE to DSL/Broadband, our team has in-depth knowledge of the telecom landscape.

Robust Network Security

Safeguard your telecom infrastructure with our NGFW & NGIPS, EP Security, Anti-Malware, and other cutting-edge security solutions.

Core IP Networking

Ensure the smooth flow of data with our expertise in IPv4 & IPv6 Routing, MPLS/QoS, LAN & WAN Switching, SDN & NFV, WAN Optimization, and more.

Scalable Collaboration

We help you deliver top-notch services like IP Telephony, Unified Messaging & Presence, Contact Center, and Web & Voice Collaboration.

Cutting-Edge Software Support

Stay up-to-date with the latest software technologies, including Java, C#, C++, DotNet, Hadoop/Jboss, and more.

Cloud Services

Bringing the best MANAGED SERVICES to you.

Our Managed ICT Services for Telecom & Service Providers encompass the following key areas:

Telecom Infrastructure Management

From LTE (4G, 5G) to IP RAN/Backhaul & Core, and from VoLTE to DSL/Broadband, our team has in-depth knowledge of the telecom landscape.

LTE (4G, 5G)

IP RAN/Backhaul & Core

802.11 Wireless






Core IP Networking

Our comprehensive networking solutions encompass IPv4 & IPv6 Routing, MPLS/QoS, LAN & WAN Switching, SDN & NFV technologies, WAN Optimization, and NMS/EMS/OSS/BSS services.

IPv4 & IPv6 Routing


LAN & WAN Switching


WAN Optimization


Network Security

We provide a comprehensive suite of security services to protect your digital assets and ensure a secure online environment.


P Security



Web/Email Security


Cloud Security

Collaboration Solutions

We offer a suite of services, including IP Telephony, Unified Messaging, Contact Center solutions, and Web/Voice Collaboration, designed to enhance your communication and collaboration capabilities.

IP Telephony

Unified Messaging & Presence

Contact Center

Web & Voice Collaboration

Elevate Your ICT Infrastructure with our Managed Services

Our team of experts is here to provide you with seamless ICT management services that empower your business. Keep your focus on innovation and customer satisfaction while we take care of your ICT needs.

Explore the Future with Confidence

Experience the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted partner to manage your ICT infrastructure. Contact us today for a consultation and let us discuss how our Managed ICT Services can boost your business.

White-Labeled Professional & Engineering Services

We are your silent partner, providing the expertise you need under your brand, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Flexible Service Delivery Model

We adapt to your needs. Whether you require project-specific support or long-term partnership, our service model is flexible and tailored to your requirements.

24/7 Coverage and Local "Feet on Street" Support

We are there for you around the clock, and our local support teams are ready to provide on-site assistance whenever needed.

Customizable Commercial Constructs

Your business is unique, and so are your financial needs. We work with you to design a pricing model that suits your budget.

Fixed Scope Outcome-Based

Our services are designed to deliver results. We commit to specific outcomes, ensuring that your objectives are met.

End-to-End Turnkey Model

From planning and design to deployment and maintenance, we offer a turnkey solution that covers the entire project lifecycle.

Staff Augmentation Model

Need additional expertise for a project? We provide skilled professionals to augment your team.

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Managed services refer to the outsourcing of specific business functions or IT processes to a third-party service provider. These providers, known as Managed Service Providers (MSPs), take responsibility for the ongoing management, monitoring, and maintenance of the services they deliver.

We, at Indovision, offer a wide range of services, including Active & Passive Networking Projects, Data Centre Management & Setup, NOC/BPO Operations, OEM AMC/Refurbished Support Services, Lab Management Services and Feet on Street(IP, Tx, Radio). The specific services can vary based on the MSP and client needs.

Managed services enhance cybersecurity by providing continuous monitoring, threat detection, and response services. MSPs implement security measures such as antivirus software updates, firewall management, and vulnerability assessments to protect client systems.

Managed services often follow a subscription-based or pay-as-you-go pricing model. Clients pay a regular fee for ongoing services, providing predictable costs and aligning expenses with the scale of services required.

Yes, managed services are often customizable to meet the specific needs of each business. Clients can choose the services that align with their objectives and budget, allowing for flexibility and scalability as their requirements evolve.

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