Case Study

UK System Integrator Thrives: 70% Cost Reduction and 4.75 CSAT through our White Labeled Managed IT Services

A UK system integrator reduced costs by 70% and achieved a 4.75 customer satisfaction score using Indovision's white-labeled IT services. This solution involved a dedicated London team and remote support from India, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Project Overview

A mid-sized system integration company based in the United Kingdom, struggling with high IT support costs, limited monitoring coverage, and low customer satisfaction.

Training Scope

  • High Costs: Expensive Level-2 support, design, and build services were impacting profitability.
  • Monitoring Gaps: Inadequate 24×7 Network & Systems Monitoring led to reactive troubleshooting and potential downtime.
  • Slow Response Times: Lengthy turn-around times and dependence on on-site support frustrated customers and slowed down business operations.
  • Low Customer Satisfaction: Poor customer experience scores reflected dissatisfaction with service delivery.

The Solution Delivered​

Cost Reduction

Up to 70% reduction in on-site support costs and a 30% overall decrease in support expenses.

Improved Efficiency

24x7 monitoring and rapid ticket resolution (over 800 alarms managed and 150-200 tickets resolved daily) enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime.

Enhanced Customer Experience

8x5 coverage for incident, problem management, and MACD requests, coupled with a 4.75 CSAT score, demonstrated a significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

Strategic Advantage

White-labeling the service allowed the client to focus on their core business while Indovision handled IT infrastructure and support, enabling them to compete more effectively.

System Integration

Key Benefits

Significant Cost Savings

Reduced expenses by 70% on on-site support and 30% overall on IT support.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Elevated CSAT score of 4.75 reflected improved customer experience and satisfaction with service delivery.

Enhanced Service Delivery

Improved monitoring, ticketing, and resolution processes led to faster response times and reduced downtime.

Strategic Focus

White-labeled service allowed the client to dedicate resources to core business activities while benefiting from Indovision's expertise in IT management.


This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of white-labeled managed IT services in addressing the challenges faced by businesses and delivering tangible results in terms of cost reduction, improved efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and increased competitiveness.