Case Study

Strengthening Indian Defence Forces through Comprehensive Training Program

Our commitment to excellence manifested in the tailored courses crafted to meet the unique demands of the Defence Forces. We ensured that each module not only aligned with industry standards but also encapsulated real-world scenarios, fostering practical understanding and application.
Project Overview

Indovision Services collaborated with Sterlite and IBM to execute a multi-year, multi-crore training project for the esteemed Indian Defence Forces. The scope involved designing a comprehensive training program, creating engaging content, and delivering specialized courses.

Training Scope

The training program encompassed a diverse range of technologies critical for the Defence Forces, including Router MPLS, Transport, Data Center, Security, and Access Switch. Our team took on the challenge of designing courses that not only covered the intricacies of these technologies but also ensured effective knowledge transfer to the personnel.

Key Responsibilities​

Course Design

Tailored courses to meet the unique requirements of the Defence Forces. Ensured alignment with the latest industry standards and technological advancements.

Content Creation

Developed engaging and informative content to facilitate a dynamic learning experience. Incorporated real-world scenarios to enhance practical understanding.

Delivery Excellence

Conducted training sessions utilizing advanced pedagogical methods. Ensured active participation and comprehension through hands-on exercises.

IND Defence

Technologies Involved


The training initiative empowered the Indian Defence Forces with advanced knowledge and skills in the specified technologies. Personnel gained proficiency in the use and management of critical systems, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and strategic capabilities.

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Indovision Services played a pivotal role in the success of this training program. Their expertise in course design, content creation, and delivery methodologies significantly contributed to the upskilling of our personnel. We appreciate their commitment to excellence and look forward to future collaborations.