Case Study

SOW-based Lab Operations Support for a Leading European Telecom OEM

Indovision's collaboration with a leading Mobile Network OEM achieved remarkable success in the Radio/Access Network Optimization project, focusing on seamless Base Station integration. The expert team efficiently provided RF Analysis, Drive Tests, and implemented streamlined ITIL processes for the installation of 4G base stations, Microwave, IP Access terminals, and RF Optimization.
Project Overview

Indovision collaborated with a leading OEM providing Mobile Network equipment, Software, and Endpoints to address operational challenges in the integration and commissioning of Base Stations. The project aimed to reduce risks, achieve scale, and enhance responsiveness and productivity in RF/RAN rollout and optimization services.

The Challenges

  • Need for seamless integration and commissioning of Base Stations.
    RF/RAN rollout and optimization services required for enhanced network performance.
  • Operational risks needed reduction while achieving scale.
    Desire to improve responsiveness and productivity in the telecom domain.

Solution Provided by Indovision

Expert Team Formation

Established a team with diverse expertise, including RF/RAN engineers, LTE rollout specialists, Automation/NOC engineers, RAN leads, and ITIL certified Change Managers.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Provided a range of services, such as RF Analysis, Drive Tests, Post Processing, and RF KPI Management, ensuring a holistic approach to network optimization.

Effective Coordination with NOC

Coordinated closely with the network operations center to validate and test processes, ensuring seamless integration and operational efficiency.

ITIL Process Implementation

Implemented ITIL processes for Configuration and Change Management, establishing structured and standardized practices for enhanced control.

Development of SOP/MOPs and Playbooks

Created Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Methods of Procedures (MOPs), and Playbooks for RF Rollout & Optimization Testing & Handover, ensuring systematic execution.

Continuous Process Evolution

Ensured ongoing improvement of processes by incorporating insights from real-world learnings and field feedback, promoting adaptability and efficiency.

Diverse Service Delivery

Delivered a wide spectrum of services, including installation & commissioning of 4G base stations, Microwave, IP Access terminals at cell sites, network integration, solution customization, and RF Optimization.



The collaborative effort resulted in the successful installation and commissioning of 4G base stations, Microwave, IP Access terminals, network integration, solution customization, and RF Optimization. The continuous evolution of processes based on learnings and field feedback contributed to improved operational efficiency and minimized risks.

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Indovision's expertise transformed our network operations. Their skilled team and continuous improvement approach exceeded expectations, delivering excellence in RF rollout and optimization.