Case Study

On site support for Data Extraction for INDIA size Project

In a year of collaboration, Indovision and Size Stream successfully revolutionized India's apparel industry through advanced body scanning. Indovision's seamless on-site support included efficient installation, logistics, and expert data handling. Swift skill acquisition and effective collaboration established Indovision as Size Stream's trusted partner, as acknowledged in a testimonial praising their commitment and expertise.
Project Overview

Indovision partnered with Size Stream LLC to support the INDIA Size Project, a nationwide initiative by the Premier Fashion Technology Institute under the Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India. The project aimed to revolutionize the Indian apparel industry’s sizing standards through advanced body scanning technology.

The Challenge

  • No presence in India for Size Stream LLC.
  • Pandemic restrictions hinder expats from visiting and addressing on-site issues.

Key Responsibilities

Indovision assumed a crucial role in the project by managing the installation of Size Stream scanners across various locations in India. The team also took charge of logistics movement, ensuring the seamless operation of the body scanning process. Additionally, Indovision was responsible for extracting, processing, and providing valuable feedback to the end client.

Solutions Provided


Rapid skill set ramp-up by Indovision, particularly in software engineering.

Rapid Skill Set Ramp-up

Rapid skill set ramp-up by Indovision, particularly in software engineering.

Skillset Evaluation by Size Stream

Size Stream conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the skill set provided by Indovision, ensuring alignment with project requirements.

On-site Deployment

Indovision facilitated the on-site deployment of the evaluated skill set, ensuring a seamless integration into Size Stream's operations.

Management of Body Scanner Data

Indovision took charge of efficiently managing the extraction, processing, and feedback loop of body scanner data, optimizing the overall workflow.

Services Partnership in India

Recognizing Indovision's capabilities, Size Stream formalized a services partnership, designating Indovision as their key service provider in India.

Scanner Installation and Logistics

Indovision assumed responsibility for the end-to-end process, including scanner installation and logistics movement, ensuring smooth Pan India Operations for Size Stream.

Body scanner

The Success Factors


Through diligent collaboration, Indovision successfully facilitated Size Stream’s on-site services in India, overcoming challenges posed by the pandemic. The project not only achieved its goal of resizing the Indian apparel industry but also established Indovision as Size Stream’s trusted services partner in the country. The efficient deployment of resources and meticulous execution contributed to the overall success of the INDIA Size Project.

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Indovision's unwavering commitment and expertise were instrumental in the success of our ambitious INDIA Size Project. Their seamless collaboration and efficient services significantly contributed to achieving our goals. We are grateful for their dedication.