Case Study

24×7 Network Operation & Support Center for Telecom Customer

We collaborated with an Indian state-owned telecom company to enhance their operations. Our solutions included a custom ITSM tool, ITIL-based process improvements, documentation standardization, and program governance optimization, leading to cost reductions and improved customer satisfaction.
Project Overview

Indovision partnered with a leading Indian state-owned Tier-1 Telecommunications Company to address operational challenges, with a focus on cost reduction, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved efficiency across Mobile, Fixed Line, and Wireless Services.

Training Scope

  • High Cost of Operations due to Decentralized Support: Incurring significant expenses due to decentralized support structure.
  • Low Customer Satisfaction and Experience Scores: Facing challenges in meeting customer expectations, reflected in low satisfaction and experience scores.
  • Operational Productivity and Efficiency Issues: Struggling with suboptimal operational productivity and efficiency.

Indovision's Solution

24x7 Support Setup and Seamless Work Volume Transition

Established a round-the-clock support system and seamlessly transitioned work volume.

Documentation and Process Standardization

Created/updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Playbooks for process changes. Incorporated RACI framework, automation, and reporting into the documentation.

Talent Retention and Workforce Optimization

Successfully re-badged existing workforce, including managers, leads, and support engineers for enhanced talent retention. Conducted cross-training on multiple technologies to build competency and optimize resource utilization.

KPI Fine-tuning and Program Governance

Fine-tuned Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics/SLAs, and audit methodologies. Established effective performance monitoring and program governance.

ITSM Tool Implementation and Process Enhancement

Introduced a customized ITSM tool integrated with the customer's NMS/EMS. Implemented ITIL-based process changes for Incident, Change, and Problem Management.

Technical support

Key Success Factors​

Continuous Operational Support

Achieved seamless 24x7 support and smooth transition of work volumes.

Multi-Tech Competency Building

Enhanced team competency through cross-training on diverse technologies.

ITIL-Driven Process Enhancement

Adopted ITIL-based process changes to elevate incident, change, and problem management.

Precision in Performance Metrics

Fine-tuned KPIs, metrics/SLAs, and audit methodologies for precise performance monitoring.

Strategic Workforce Retention

Successfully retained talent through strategic workforce re-badging.

Customized ITSM Integration

Implemented a tailored ITSM tool seamlessly integrated with the customer's NMS/EMS.

Operational Standardization with SOPs and Playbooks

Standardized operations through the creation of SOPs and Playbooks, incorporating RACI, automation, and reporting.

Effective Program Governance

Established robust program governance measures to optimize overall efficiency.


The collaborative efforts resulted in a significant reduction in the cost of operations and improved customer satisfaction scores. The implementation of 24×7 support, talent retention strategies, and competency building measures positively impacted operational productivity. The introduction of ITSM tools and process changes streamlined incident management, change control, and problem resolution.

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Indovision's transformative solutions revolutionized our operations. Their expertise in talent retention and ITIL-based processes elevated our service quality and customer satisfaction.