POSH Policy Explained: Safeguarding Your Workplace

The POSH policy is a rule that says everyone at work should be treated fairly and not be bothered or harassed sexually.

What is a POSH Policy?

Key Components of a POSH Policy

* Definition of Sexual Harassment * Committee Formation * Complaint Procedures * Investigation and Inquiry * Disciplinary Action

Implementing an Effective POSH Policy

For a POSH policy to be more than just a document, organizations must take active steps toward it's implementation.

These challenges include overcoming underreporting due to stigma, ensuring all employees are aware of the policy, and maintaining impartiality in investigations.

Overcoming Implementation Challenges

POSH Policy: Different Perspectives

* Employee Perspective: Empowerment and Challenges * Management Perspective: Responsibility and Resource Allocation * Legal and HR Perspective: Compliance and Best Practices * Social Perspective: Impact on Workplace Culture and Society * Global Perspective: Cultural Sensitivity and Universality.