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There are our distinguished features which make us absolutely unique service provider in terms of quality, ease of training, customization and after support.

Complete Customization

Our training solutions are totally customizable as per the needs of our customers in terms of training content, duration, location and certifications, and that too irrespective of the number of candidates.

Sure to run batches

Once scheduled, our sessions are sure to get conducted under any circumstances. Hence we hold a great level of trust among our customers.


Post training technical support

We provide 2 years free of cost after training technical support to our customers wherein they can avail our guidance and support to reinforce the learning they have gathered with us, at their workplace.


Off-training hours lab access

We provide extended hours’ lab access to our clients beyond the session hours so that they can get sufficient time of lab practice and revise the same. Live/remote instructor support is also available during the self-practice lab hours.


Complimentary Tours

We provide complimentary local city tours to our offshore clients along with the training program so that they can have a wholesome experience of visiting us.


Global Reach

We cater our services across the globe to a wide range of client base which includes individuals, corporate organizations, NGOs and Oil & Energy establishments.

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We offer industry recognized programs with best in class and unique course content delivered by telecom experts. Upgrade yourself with ever demanding new skills and get exponential career growth.


With increasing hacks and network attacks, it is becoming imperative for organizations to train their employees in cyber security. Come and join us for the program best suited for your network.


We provide targeted automotive training solutions in order to fulfil the requirements of your organization. We work in close coordination with you to provide perfect blend of cost effective training solution.


Needless to mention, no business can survive without maintaining integrity, and we too follow the same principle. Following our core values and code of conduct is one of the foremost pillar upon which our organization rests.


Irrespective of any industry, role of server administrators is so vital that they need to design and implement the whole process of server administration. We provide dedicated learning programs on Microsoft and Linux Servers, with well-equipped labs.


Being one of the widely used systems for daily reporting and operations across the globe, gaining competency on SAP is must for an aspiring ERP professional. We offer training programs in all modules of SAP which will open your way to become an expert consultant.


Our project management training programs are well recognized across the industry. While we offer global certification programs, a number of customized ones are also there to meet specific needs.

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I would like to say big thanks to my mentor, Faiz Sir and Jitendra Sir for their immense support and motivation throughout my training program. Indovision Services has brought about a turning point in my life as I see myself a confident professional now.
Anuj Kumar
Ghazipur (U.P)
Very comprehensive material and streamlined training. I did not feel that I am attending an online training as instructor was so interactive and quickly responding to my queries. Connection was also very smooth. Had a great experience!
Ankita Kumar
Chandauli (U.p)
I belonged to an extremely rural area where there is no environment of any professional training. My whole hearted thanks to Jitendra Sir and Indovision Services Pvt. Ltd. for getting me enrolled in DDU-GKY program and finally placing me in Vision Mobile.

About us

Indovision is an offshore training organization, which provides complete training solutions in the realm of IT, Telecommunications, Automobile and Management, on all major technology vendors. We offer both vendor specific and vendor neutral training & certifications. 

Our mission

To nurture the best global practices in our organization in order to provide 360degree satisfaction to our customers.

Emerging Technologies

Machine Learning Training

Machine learning tries to allow computers learn on their own, i.e. without any human aid or interference and adjust their accordance accordingly. This learning is based on some algorithms (machine learning algorithms). Basically there are 3 types of machine learning algorithms that are mentioned below.

1. Supervised learning: In supervised learning there is a target or outcome variable or dependent variable. It has to be predicted from a given set of independent variables or predictors. A function that turns inputs into desired outputs is made by using these set of variables. This process goes on until a desired level of accuracy is achieved by the model. For example: Decision tree, Regression, KNN, Random forest, and more.

2. Unsupervised learning: When we talk about unsupervised learning we can see that in this algorithm there is no outcome variable or target that has to be predicted. This type of algorithm is used for gathering people in different groups. This thing is useful for gathering people in different groups for any specific intervention. For example: K-means and Apriori.

3. Reinforcement learning: In this algorithm we can see the machine is trained to make particular decisions. This thing works like this: by using the method of error and trial the machine trains itself in an environment appropriate for this procedure. For making the machine competent to take accurate decisions the machine learns from it’s past experience and gain the best possible knowledge.

There are different jobs in this field as mentioned below.

Data analyst: In order to be perfect for this job you just have the knowledge about following things, concepts of business intelligence, data storing and retrieval systems, data warehousing and visualisation (using ETL tools), Hadoop based analytics etc. The main roles of data analyst is to design and develop algorithms, deducing data with the help of advanced computer modelling, recognizing risk, triaging code problems and trimming data and obtaining information.

Data scientists: This job is one of the most popular ones and for this you must know about SAS, Python, R, SQL, Hive, MatLab, Pig and Spark. They must have proficiency in analytic tools and Bigdata technologies. Their work is to derive insights from large amount of unstructured data by using codes and design future strategies too. For cleaning, managing and structuring big data from contrasting sources data scientists come into action.

Machine learning engineer: Another job that comes in that list is ML engineer. For this you must have knowledge about Java, Scala, Python, JavaScript and C++. One must know how to build high scale distributed systems. Their job is to design and implement machine learning algorithms.

5G Training


It is the another generation of mobile internet>connectivity that allows many things. Things such as downloading and uploading with much faster data speed, stable connections as well as wider coverage. It provides a higher bandwidth as compared to other and older networks.

This technology is said to create a bang in the marketbecause it has the following amazing features that I amgonna mention below.

1. The first and most important feature is higher downloading and uploading speed. What does it mean? It means you can download high quality videos in few seconds or minutes. You can even play online games without buffering.

2. It will also offer reduced latency. If you don’t know what is it then you would now. Latency is defined as time taken between making a request and carrying out that request. With 5G you will experience reduced latency which means your request would take place faster.

3. With 5G your experience will be amazing for sure. Why? Then you must know it offers higher downloading speed, greater bandwidth, increased browsing speed etc.

There will be different applications of 5G network such as

  • Self-driving cars
  • Home broadband
  • Virtual reality
  • Drones
  • Remote surgery

Different job opportunities in this field can be seen as follows.

1. 5G R&D engineer: The roles and duties for this position includes that the person must know about marketing campaigns, outbound sales development. Also that person must have deep knowledge about needs and pains of customers. There must be active participation in sales development process. Also they must about maintaining the CRM system with correct information of the customers.

2. 5G Practice head: For this job you must know the following things.

  • How to build and design 5G networks.
  • Create operational, management and IT solutions for 5G networks and devices associated with that.
  • Increase the level of productivity.
  • Must know how to do strategic planning and practice development.
  • They must play an important role in compensation evaluation of their group partner.

Artificial intelligence - AI Training

Whenever we talk about Artificial intelligence we are talking about the field of computer science which focuses on the designing of machines that will work and act like human beings. Speech recognition, planning, learning and problem solving are some of the activities for which computers with AI are designed. Tools and insights from different fields like psychology, computer science, philosophy, probability, neuroscience, linguistics, cognitive science, logic and other fields too are used by the AI researchers.

Artificial intelligence has applications in different fields such as

1. In automotive industry we can see that artificial intelligence has worked a lot. For example , in order to interact with your car through your phone or desktop there is Teslabot created by Tesla. Not just this but in future there will be self driving cars. Also in future there will be intelligent co-pilot systems in cars that will provide you with safety warnings, voice and face recognition as well as gesture control.

2. Data security is an important aspect for our growing society. In order to protect that we must know that artificial intelligence can also be applied here. AI2 is an AI Platform that can be used to predict cyber attacks better than the system existing now. Active Contextual Modelling is used for providing a better attack detection rate. For detecting and exploitation bug a bot called Automatic exploitation generation

(AEG) is designed. It will secure any kid of vulnerability if found.

3. Entertainment is another best application of AI. You all must be aware about the names like Amazon Prime and Netflix. Here machine learning algorithms are used for determining which shows/products to be recommended by comparing the activity of users with other users. With time these algorithms are also getting better. People will be recommended shows or products based on their preferences. There are many job opportunities in this field too. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • Research scientist: You say the leading career it AI field, I will say research scientist. AI scientists are proficient in many fields like machine learning, mathematics, computational stats and deep learning. You must have knowledge and experience about graphical models, reinforcement learning, computer perception as well as natural language processing. In order to have this job you must either have an advanced degree in the field of computer science with experience or advanced master’s degree in the same field.
  • Business intelligence developer: The main role of a business intelligence developer is to analyse complex sets of data for identifying market and business trends. For enhancing the profitability and efficiency of any business we need businesses intelligence developer. The key roles in this profession includes designing, modelling and maintaining complex data in cloud based platforms that are highly accessible.
  • Data scientists: For collecting, analysing and interpretation of large and complex databases by predictive analysis and machine learning we need data scientists. In developing algorithms that are used for collection and cleaning of data (for analysis), data scientists play a very important role. In order to get this job you must have knowledge about Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig, Hive and Spark. They must also have high experience in programming and statistical computer languages like Python, Scala, SQL and Perl.

Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Training

What is it? Blockchains can be referred to the digital information or block that is stored in public databases or chains. These block chains have 3 different parts. 1. Information about transactions, i.e. date, time and amount of purchase is stored in block. 2. Information like who is participating in any transaction is stored in block. Whenever you do any transaction your information will be saved in that site. Like your name, instead of your real name, your username or you say digital signature will be saved in block.

3. Lastly, the information that differentiates that blocks from each other is stored in block. In each block there is stored a unique code called hash that differs it from other blocks.

Whenever a new data is stored in block it is added to the blockchain. Blocks add together and form blockchains but how? It happens in four steps.

  • Firstly it is important for a transaction to occur. For example, whenever you make a purchase (say flipkart) you go through multiple options, form a judgement and purchase your desired product.
  • After that transaction takes place you need to verify it. With blockchain the job of vetting new data entries is done through a network of computers.
  • After the verification, transaction is stored in a block. Now your digital signature, transaction dollar
amount and other details are stored in a block. That transaction will join others more like it (maybe hundreds or thousands).
  • The main step is giving a unique code to your transaction which is also known as hash. It is given to the verified transactions only. Not just this but the hash of a recent block is added to the blockchain. Once the hash is given, it is able to get added to the blockchain.

Job opportunities in this field are as follows.

1. Blockchain Software engineer: If you are able to solve business problems with integration and system then you can become a blockchain software engineer. They must know how to collab with a development team of highly engaged team members. He or she should learn quickly about designing and implementing optimised blockchain apps. They should work with individuals across a variety of processed and business teams.

2. Consultant blockchain developer: For this job you must have knowledge about the latest tech in Blockchain evolving space. Know about different languages such as Java, C++, Angular, Node develop

and JavaScript. In order to build solutions he or she must have the interactive ability with clients.

Internet of Things - IoT Training

IoT is defined as the connection of anything that has unique identifiers, say interrelated computing devices, objects, mechanical and digital devices, humans etc. And the ability of transferring data without any human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. These things interact with each other to exchange data. Now the main question is how IoT works. Objects and devices that comes with built-in sensors are connected to the platform of IoT. It gathers data from different devices and analyse this data for sharing important information. These IoT platforms can be used for knowing what information is useful and what's not. By this patters and problems can be discovered on time.

For example, if I have purchased something, say a bike and want to know which other components are famous I can use IoT. It can show us the most popular showrooms by using the sensors. Then it will go through its data and see the highest selling components. Finally it will align sales data with the supply. This will tell us about our desired thing.

IoT can have different applications like

1. In home, you use an alarm clock for waking up on time which is obvious. If you miss your flight and going back to work then you must drive at a speed that you don't get late. And if there are circumstances in which you've to drive slow then you need to wake up earlier than usual. Self adjustment of time is not possible in our usual clocks but in IoT enabled clocks. It would adjust itself according to your changed schedule and all you have to do is work accordingly.

2. During transport, you may see if your car has any problem then you cannot always go to a garage. In an IoT connected car, the sensor that triggered the affected part would communicate with others in the car. The sensor gathers information and sends it to the manufacturer platform who can use the data and offer you an appointment for fixing that car part.

Jobs in this field are mentioned below.

  • IoT engineer: In order to become IoT engineer you must have knowledge about generic tech such as Python or JavaScript and how they are used in IoT creating interfaces, protocols, entities etc. Must know how to solve IoT problems. What solutions to be chosen and what not. Also, he or she must participate in conferences, IoT communities and hackathons.
  • IoT consultants: IoT consultants have many responsibilities like with their team they have to develop such complex analytic solutions that can meet the needs of customers. To create solutions for their clients they must know about the emerging technologies like business analytics, machine learning and predictive analytics. In this article we read about emerging technologies and how they can help you to find a career in it. So don't just read but go out and explore all the options you have.