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Position Details: RF Performance Engineer

Location: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Openings: 6
Salary Range: As per industry


Job Description/Requirement:

  • Must have In-depth knowledge of LTE/NR air interference along with the legacy technologies 2G.
  • Must have thorough skillset for VoLTE Optimization (Voice KPI Optimization).
  • Must have hands on experience OSS Performance KPI Monitoring, Detailed KPI Analysis, Troubleshooting & Optimization of 2G, 4G LTE & 5G NR Network.
  • Must have thorough knowledge of Parameter / Counter Level Troubleshooting & Optimization of LTE/5G NR Network.
  • Hands on Performance Reports Preparation like Executive Dashboard for all 2G, 4G and 5G Technologies with clear analysis with FM and CM.
  • Must have extensive knowledge in network performance components and troubleshooting. Network performance problem detection and solution methods, e.g., throughput issues, RRC drops, VoLTE drop, Call Muting, Handover failures, blocks, etc.
  • Hands on Baseline/Golden Parameter Audit for Network Area and Recommendation.
  • Hands on New feature Trails and KPI formula recommendations for KPI Improvement.
  • Hands on System Log Collection and layer-3 Signaling analysis for ECCB and VCCB.
  • Pre and Post KPI Report for Swapped sites with detailed analysis for KPIs below the Baseline (Pre).
  • Neighbor Audit for NW area for 4G and 5G.
  • Must have in-depth knowledge of 2G/3G/LTE/5G NR Radio parameters, KPIs and Layer-3 analysis.
  • Must have thorough knowledge of various Features available and required for network performance improvement of LTE/5G NR Network.
  • Must have analytical skill to analyze the RF Network issues and give the recommendations to resolve them.
  • Hands on experience in RF Drive Test & Post Processing tools such as XCAL, XCAP, TEMS, Actix Analyzer, Probe, Assistant, MapInfo etc.
  • Hands on 2G, 4G & 5G Drive Test Log Analysis for Individual Site and Cluster level.
  • Analyzing drive test Log files, identifying coverage, quality and throughput issues along with
  • Provide appropriate recommendations to meet the agreed KPI thresholds without sacrificing Coverage and throughput criteria.
  • Prepare SCFT / Cluster Optimization analysis report as per requirements and all supporting documents.

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