We offer our training programs through several modes according to the convenience of clients in terms of location, time and pace.

Training modes

Instructor-led classroom training

This training mode is best suited for the candidates who have sufficient time to actually visit us to avail the training. It enables one to get personalized and hands on training directly. With instructor-led training, it is quite easier to mix in labs and hands-on exercises. The instructor can adapt how he or she teaches based on the learners’ levels of understanding. Even the slowest of learners can be accommodated by an experienced instructor.

Major benefits of ILT:
• Direct interaction with trainer in person
• Complete focus on training without any distraction
• Hands-on labs and exercises
• Networking with fellow trainees

Training modes

Live virtual classroom training

This training mode is best suited for the candidates who do not have the time to travel to our facility and seek quality training. Our LVCs are designed in such a manner that it provides the similar experience like that of an instructor-led classroom training. Here also trainee interacts directly with instructor and gets complete lab access. Further, sessions can be arranged as per your time zone convenience.

Major benefits of live virtual classroom training:
• Saves travel time and cost
• Can be availed irrespective of location
• As good as classroom training in terms of interaction with         trainer

Training modes

On – Site Training

This training mode is best suited for the corporate organizations when they need to train their staff and number of candidates are more than 4. This significantly reduces their travel time and cost. Our expert will visit to your premises to deliver the required training. Trainees get the complete lab access through our data centre.

Major benefits of On-site training:
• Significantly reduces travel time and cost
• Employees get trained in a familiar environment
• Easy to reinforce post-training usability
• Fosters teamwork as employees from various departments can be trained together

Training modes

Self-paced Learning

Self-paced learning is best suited for those who remain occupied with irregular work schedule and want to avail the learning at their own pace. Recorded sessions of live classroom training by our experts, official curriculum and lab access gets provided to the candidate for a fixed duration of time. You can learn the program at your own pace. Periodic live online doubt clearing sessions will be conducted at your convenience in order to get your queries solved by our expert.

Major benefits of self-paced learning:
• Major benefits of self-paced learning:
• Less cost
• Sufficient time for revision before switching to next topic.