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The next generation telecom networks (5G) will hit the market by 2020. Beyond just speed improvements, 5G is expected to unleash a massive IoT ecosystem where networks can serve communication needs for billions of connected devices, with the right trade-offs between speed, latency and cost.










Who Should Attend

Wireless Network Engineers

Telecom Professionals

Professionals Seeking Technology Upgrade

Aspiring Security Professionals

Program Features

Comprehensive training material

Industry based latest cases

Highly interactive sessions

High emphasis on lab practice

1 -year post training usability reinforcement

Scope of 5G Training Courses and Certifications

The 5G technology is ready to hit the market in 2020 and people are expecting great connectivity development from this new technology. Embrace the power of connectivity as 5G interconnects network and devices for the benefit of the industry. Here, business enterprises would take a large turn as 5G opens more doors for business owners to be competitive. India, like other countries, also welcomes 5G through the 5G Training in India.

The 5G training aims to help people to connect to the internet in a fast and efficient way. This new technology levels up the business scale in India through devices and the internet. India would have an edge to reach out to the global markets through 5G technology. It increases the county’s GDP, creates employment and digitizes the economy. Through the 5G Training in India, people would have a large knowledge and understanding of the 5G technology.

India is ready to accept the great things that 5G offers. As of now, it’s preparing for the 5G training that welcomes all those who want to learn the 5G advantage.

You can expect to learn basic concepts that revolve around 5G such as operations, key features, protocols, details and many more. These basic concepts are a big help for learners to understand the ideas behind the 5th generation of LAN technology. You wouldn’t only learn new ideas about 5G but also appreciate a fast data as your device connects with the internet. You can connect to wide channels that enable you to have a fast and efficient device usage.

What Can 5G Technology Offer?

Participants of the 5G Training in India are excited to learn the concepts of 5G technology. Well, they would be glad to participate in the training program due to the potential advantages that 5G offers all devise users. Some of the advantages are the following:

  1. New application sets would be released such as wireless virtual reality headsets, controlled vehicles and remote surgery that other networks couldn’t do.
  2. It improves internet coverage in rural areas.
  3. Fast data speeds that let you surf the internet easily.
  4. 5G is software-defined that lets you introduce new frequencies as you like.
  5. Regular integration is possible through cloud computing virtualizing idea.
  6. You can perform fast webpage loading.
  7. You have excellent streaming of 4K videos anytime you like.
  8. Gamers would have a fast gaming experience at all times

5G technology also aims to give a fast network that increases connectivity. From here, you can have direct access to the information you need from the internet. If you’re a business owner, you can connect to a large number of clients through 5G technology.

What Participants Expect to Gain After the 5G Training in India?

Participants of the training follow accurate and systematic training that enables them to understand the 5G key concepts efficiently. They also need to follow instructions carefully for them to pass the training successfully.

What can the participants expect to learn after the training?

  1. They would have a thorough understanding of the 5G basic concepts.
  2. Participants would know and understand the benefits of 5G.
  3. They gain a good understanding of the idea behind the technology.
  4. The features of the 5G technology would be discussed to the participants.
  5. They can list the ways where they can apply 5G technology in their lives.
  6. Participants would have an idea how 5G can help boost the economy and business enterprise of India.

Who are Capable of doing the 5G Training?

Since 5G involves software and computer applications, participants who are capable of doing the 5G Training in India are graduates of the following courses:

  1. Bachelor of Technology
  2. Bachelor of Science
  3. Bachelor of Engineering
  4. Computer Application Graduates
  5. Master of Computer Studies

The 5G Training in India gives an excellent way for device users to grasp the development in telecommunications. Company owners and consumers have an excellent way to connect to the internet. Future 5G users have chances to experience the 5G benefits. They also have an excellent advantage to upgrading the network based on their needs.

The upgrades could result for other devices such as smartphones and tablets to have access to the benefits of 5G technology. In this way, they can connect to more wireless network in different parts of the world. Also, the participants of the training can also learn possible ideas that help improve 5G development.

Also, there are also plans for 5G networks to be built in different parts of the world. But, these plans need to wait as the 5G technology gets ready to be released. With its training programs, India welcomes the benefits of 5G technology.

Participants can achieve not only essential concepts but also reliable ideas they can use in the future. It’s the start of new generation of the network that can change the world. The 5G Training in India is one of the keys to making this new technology known to different parts of the globe.

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