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Juniper experts are much harder to find than other certified professionals. Precise reason for this is the niche market segment. From the very beginning, Juniper has engineered their routers with specialized hardware that is custom-built for high performance and low latency routing, giving them the edge in hauling truckloads of data through large ISP networks.







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Juniper Certifications and its perks.

Amidst all the career options you and everyone else wants to grab the best opportunity. Who doesn't? And if you are someone who wants to work in any reputed IT firm then you must have a look at this article. In this article I am going to write about Juniper certification. If you want to build a career in the field of networking and security it's important for you to pursue Juniper certifications.

Before pursuing Juniper certifications, you must know what Juniper certification is, what does it include and what are the benefits of pursuing Juniper certifications. You will get to know all about this while reading this article. So let's begin the article without any further delay.

So the basic and starting point regarding Juniper certifications is that in order to pursue it you have to pass it's exams. Juniper Networks certifications program is a program that is multi tiered and consists of hand written as well as lab exams. Juniper Networks provide their own operating system, i.e. Junos, net working equipment as well as its services. Many industries like healthcare, government agencies, banks as well as many service providers are aided by them with network services.

It will benefit you guys and will be more advantageous than the people who aren't certified. If you ask why then I would say because you will obviously get better job opportunities, better experience and relatively more knowledge about Juniper Networks too. There are 4 different levels of this certification which supports a wide range on networks as well as its users. Let's talk about them now.

  1. Associate: The Associate level of Junos or JNCIA-Junos is the entry level certification that would be required for continuing advanced level of Junos certification. Those who certify this level are able to get knowledge about Juniper networks, it's basic routing as well as switching and much more.
  2. Specialist: The Specialist level or JNCIS-SEC level of Junos certification is for the people who are experienced networking professionals. Those who have intermediate knowledge about Juniper Networks Junos OS. This level of certification is valid for 3 years.
  3. Professional: Talking about the Professional level or JNCIP-SP level of certification we can see it is for the individuals who are experienced networking professionals. They have advanced knowledge of Juniper networks Junos OS. In order to pursue this certification one must have knowledge of advanced routing technologies as well as configuration and troubleshooting skills.
  4. Expert: Expert level or JNCIE-SEC level of certification is for the individuals who are able to post, configure, manage as well as troubleshoot security platforms that are based on Junos. If you are pursuing this certification then you would be able to perform configuration on all the devices, install complex policies, configure secure management capabilities etc. This certification is also valid for 3 years.

After discussing this let's now discuss about the perks of pursuing Juniper certification.

  1. If you are a student who is pursuing Juniper certifications then you are going to gain a lot of knowledge about different things like Junos operation system, many networking fundamentals as well as basics of routing and switching. Not just this but you get to know about networking fundamentals and how Juniper OS functions.
  2. Because you are pursuing this certification you will get to know about routing and switching implementations. This will show how capable you are with Juniper network training. When you will give its exam it will verify that the candidate has the basic understanding of routing and switching tech.
  3. When you are going through this course, you will see that it helps the candidate to build an enterprise network infrastructure. This infrastructure contains many switching and routing devices. Students who pursue this certification successfully will also perform configuration on all the devices.

Now the question arises, who can pursue these certifications? So the answer is, students who have excellent knowledge in academic institutions and networking. Engineers with great networking experience but no experience in Juniper network training. Also, the students with great active military personnel can also pursue this certification.

So here we are with this article covering topics that talks about Juniper certifications, its different levels, people who can pursue it as well as the benefits of pursuing this certification. You can pursue it by talking Juniper training and just to tell there are training centres all over the world for this purpose.