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Maintaining cyber security is a never ending process. With increasing network attacks, it has now become indispensable for the companies to train their IT employees on cyber security.













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The fastest growing thing right across the globe is internet. Many people are using it and running their business because of it. Now in order to run the business all the important information is shared on this platform. But do you think it's safe? If yes then how? To answer these questions we need to understand some terms like cyberspace, cyberattack as well as cyber security.

  1. Cyberspace is that given space where you enter your information in internet connected systems including software as well as hardware.
  2. Cyberattack is the kind of threat on cyberspace which leads to the breach of privacy.
  3. Cyber security is securing your cyberspace information from any cyberattack.

After talking about all this our topic is very clear. So let's start the article where I am gonna write about cyber security and its advantages.

The way/method/technique of protecting your computer it's data and networks as well as programs from any sort of cyberattack (unauthorized access for exploiting the data) is known as Cyber security. There are different elements of it that are mentioned below.

Network security, Information security, application security, operational security, disaster recovery etc. can be named as different elements of cyber security.

There are different types of cyberattacks such as

  1. Phishing, when fraud emails are sent to people but looks like they resemble to a reputed institutions. Through this they try to steal important data from your account.
  2. Malware, when any type of file or program like worms, viruses etc. are used for harming your computer.
  3. Ransomware, when a person locks someone's system through encryption and for decrypting it he/she asks for money.
  4. Social engineering, using social behaviour to trick someone into breaking security procedures and gaining confidential information.

After discussing the types of cyberattacks let's discuss the advantages of cyber security.

  1. The first and most important use of cyber security is that personal information remains protected. Protection of personal information is very important because if the information is stolen and sold then this would breach the confidentiality between employee and companies. Not only employees but customer's information can also be exploited through cyberattack. In order to prevent this there is a need of cyber security.
  2. In a company if cyber security is provider and maintained then it would provide a safe working environment for employees. They would work efficiently if they will know their information and systems are totally safe within the company.
  3. If you are a business person then you must be hosting your own website. The website will be shut down if your website is attacked with a virus. It means you will lose a lot like trust of customers, important information as well as money. In order to protect your website from shutting down cyber security is very necessary.
  4. Cyber security protects your system from Adware. What is Adware? Let's talk about it first. Adware is known as a type of computer virus which is a common type of virus. It fills your computer with unnecessary advertisements. These advertisements slow down the rate of productivity of your system and not only this but if you accidentally click on any of these advertisements there's a possible chance that your system will be attacked by other viruses too. Hence, there is a need of cyber security to protect your system.
  5. As mentioned in the last point we can see these viruses slow down the processing of our computers which results in low productivity. It leads to wastage of time for both, you as well as your employees. If you want to save time and effort then you must use cyber security.
  6. Believe it or not but the person who is hacking or attacking your system is much more experienced as well as has more knowledge than you in terms of cyberspace. So there is a need of best IT security system for protecting your computers from any of these cyberattacks and hackers.
  7. If you are able to prove that you can easily protect the data against all these cyberattacks then it will gain the trust of your customers. The more they will trust you, the more your business will flourish.

In this article we talked about cyber security, it's elements as well as advantage of having cyber security. Apart from this I've also mentioned different types of cyberattacks that can hamper your systems and data. You can protect your systems and increase the productivity of your work if you have the best cyber security. Choice is yours.