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Our Cisco training programs offer the wholesome learning of Cisco networking to an aspiring network specialist. Starting from the beginner’s level, we offer courses up to the level of internetwork expert to provide essential skills and knowledge to become a successful Cisco Certified Professional. Our training methodology is not just confined to the theoretical classroom teaching, but it includes some of the most innovative methods of learning.


















Who Should Attend

Cisco Certification Aspirants

Network Professionals

Internetwork Experts

Network Security Professionals

Program Features

Comprehensive training material

Industry based latest cases

Highly interactive sessions

High emphasis on lab practice

1 -year post training usability reinforcement

What to know about Cisco certifications?

Career is the most important thing in our lives and when asked what you want to do then it may confuse some people. Not all of us have made concrete plans about our future. And that's why this article is here to offer some help. This article is based on those people who are either interested in IT field or have done their graduation in this field. So here I am going to write about Cisco certifications. Now you may not know that but here is this article to help. In addition to this I will also write the benefits of Cisco certifications.

If you want to learn more about IT field, how network topologies interact to have an efficient and safe network then you need to have the Cisco certifications. Not just this but this certification will enhance your ability to use the best networking and business communication systems. Companies with fewer or more Cisco products demand for the Cisco certifications as they are required to form efficient network and make them capable of everyday computer network activities.

There are 5 levels of Cisco Certifications starting from lowest to highest order (ascending order).

  1. Entry: People who want to build their career as a networking professional can pursue this certificate. CCENT and CCT certifications can be pursued as a starting point for this purpose.
  2. Associate: Associate level certification act as a foundation level of network certification. If you are pursuing this certification it means you can start directly with CCDA for network design or CCNA for network installation, troubleshooting as operations.
  3. Professional: As the name suggests, it is a more professional or expert level of certification. It is known for being more advanced with networking skills.
  4. Expert: The most eminent networking certification in the industry that is accepted worldwide is CCIE or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert.
  5. Architect: The highest level of certification that recognizes the architectural expertise of network designers. In turn these designers support the networks of global organisations which translates business strategies into technical strategies efficiently.

After talking this much about Cisco certifications let's now talk about pursuing them.

  1. In whatever field you are working, if you are up to date with the technical terms, it's for your benefit only. If you are pursuing Cisco certifications, then you will be up to date. You may learn a lot of things in IT field but if you want to excel in it then you must be updated with each and every technical term. This is possible if you pursue Cisco certifications. Not just this but it will let you learn about new networks and technologies.
  2. Not just employees or business person it helps students too. If you ask how then I would answer that these certifications help students to have accessibility in other fields. If you think it is limited to multimedia, then it's not. Apart from multimedia it makes me accessible to industrial attachments. It opens greater career options for students.
  3. There is an increase in job opportunity too. If you want a long lasting as well as satisfying career, then you must have Cisco certifications. It opens new paths for you and you can choose a suitable job from them. To get an enduring job all you have to do is specialization in any of the certifications. The more specialized you are, the greater opportunities and experiences you will have in future.
  4. As mentioned in above point you can see if you are having a great job then the amount of salary you will expect is also high. So the perks of pursuing a Cisco certification include this benefit too which attracts the interest of most of the people.
  5. If you want to form a successful foundation, then you can really go for Cisco certifications programs. It will enhance your skills by demonstrating a good amount of planning, implementing as well as troubleshooting which will let you manage network switching and routing. If you want to lay foundational level of knowledge, then you must have Cisco certifications. This will help you to get good jobs in IT firms.

As we can see in this article we have discussed about Cisco certifications, it's level and benefits of pursuing it. In order to pursue it you have to clear exams and for that there are many Cisco training centres. You can look for the best and prepare to get the best.